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Learn along with me on how to Start your own home-based business, blog, video channel ,vlog, etc..

Check out my podcasts with my tips on how you can get started with your own homebased business. I hope to post more podcasts throughout the year. That way you can listen as your drive or focus on other things!


Since I have a lot of content, I needed to have a website. Many folks have questions about recipes, tools and resources that I use so I decided to use a paid wordpress site. Mostly because you can do a lot with wordpress, and by the way much more than I ever thought you could do. Then I needed to find a hosting company.

The one I picked was bluehost. They have been super helpful and great at answering questions.  Here’s the link

I use for hosting sugarplumdolls

if you decide to get your own website. The cost is really reasonable – especially if you are just starting out. Good luck with everything and keep me posted as to your progress. You can post comments in the box below or email me. Have a beautiful day!