goodies for your dog, cat or turtle pets

Part 1 of the reasons why I am creating a CAtio for my pet cats. I will share with you the process of building a Catio! Please enjoy the videos. Thanks for stopping by! See larger image TRIXIE Pet Products 3-Story Cat’s House New From: $85.88 USD In Stock

Catio for my pet cats!

Just a little video of my dog Elmo! Hope it makes you smile! ********************** About this channel! How to make arts and crafts projects. Handmade, homemade dolls , gardening, cooking and more! Bake, sew, craft and grow! For more tips and ideas visit This video blog is a personal […]

My Dog Elmo!

My turtle pond and story I was working in a school about 12 years ago and there were two small turtles in a classroom. I thought they were cute, since I had a turtle when I was a child – POKEY the turtle – I had fond memories of […]

My turtle pond and story

The final finished turtle pond! Update 7/28/2013 – my friend who is a math professor – showed me how to calculate the volume of water – turns out my pond is about 360 gallons of water!! The Turtle Story! I was working in a school about 12 years ago and […]

Turtle Pond Project part 3