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SugarPlumdolls Sewing Pattern part 4 My Facebook and Youtube Friends may use the coupon to get 50% off the pattern price FRIENDSMAY31 Tutorial on how to cut out clothing patterns. The complete line of clothing patterns for children, babies, toddlers, teens, boys and girls will launch this summer […]

SugarPlumdolls Sewing Pattern Childs Dress Sewing Pattern part 4
Shop my Etsy Store! Hey Everybody, I hope you get the chance to stop by my etsy store.  Right now I have awesome digital patterns available that I am sure you will love. Crafting is my favorite thing in the whole wide world (next to my family of course)! I […]

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Part 1 of the reasons why I am creating a CAtio for my pet cats. I will share with you the process of building a Catio! Please enjoy the videos. Thanks for stopping by! See larger image TRIXIE Pet Products 3-Story Cat’s House New From: $85.88 USD In Stock

Catio for my pet cats!