free Paper Tiny House Giveaway by sugarplum

Please read all the details and instructions below!
(if you would like to purchase the die please visit my etsy shop )

Welcome to My YouTube Free Paper3D HOUSE Giveaway!! Yippee!!! I am excited about this! I love these little houses!!! I am so sad when I only have one thing to give away! But with this giveaway everyone wins! You don’t have to buy anything or pay any money – the paper3D House I am sending you are free!

Here’s what you need to do to WIN! Remember everyone WINS

Please read all the details and instructions below!

1. Become a subscriber! to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL This contest is a way for me to thank my subscribers for helping me reach the over 1,000,000 million video views. So naturally, you would have to be one in order to participate in the contest. It does not matter whether you’re a new or old subscriber; anyone can join in on the fun. 🙂

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3. Mail a stamped self addressed business size envelope to me.




4. Make sure you put postage on the envelope at least one US postal stamp , more if you live outside the US.


If you are not sure how to put your envelope together –
here is a link to how to

5. The deadline is on Sunday August 31, 2012 midnight CST – YOUR letter must be postmarked by that date. Any letters I receive after that date I will not be able to send any free paper3D Houses.

6. I will limit the number of folks I mail to – only the first 1000 letters I get will receive the free paper 3D Houses!

7. There will be (3) paper houses in the envelope that I send back to you. If you are interested in purchasing more – please visit my etsy shop

Thank you again for watching and subscribing.

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