Turtle Pond Project part 3

The final finished turtle pond!
Update 7/28/2013 – my friend who is a math professor – showed me how to calculate the volume of water – turns out my pond is about 360 gallons of water!!

The Turtle Story!
I was working in a school about 12 years ago and there were two small turtles in a classroom. I thought they were cute, since I had a turtle when I was a child – POKEY the turtle – I had fond memories of him. I used to visit the turtles in the classroom a lot! Anyway one Christmas I was asked to take the turtles home because the classroom teacher could not. Ultimately she became ill (she was a wonderful teacher) and I ended up with the turtles permanently. I moved from one state to another and the the turtles, my dogs, all came with me. For the last few years the turtles (there used to be 2) lived in a pond outside on my patio. The first winter I thought they would die, but after doing some research I learned they would hibernate. For a few more years both turtles did well, then one spring the smaller of the two was no longer with us 🙁 The larger turtle who we think is a girl, continued on, I have always thought she is lonely, but she seems to enjoy the company of people and my dogs who look in on her from time to time. FInally , this summer, I decided to build her a bigger pond. I bought some untreated wood – 2×12’s and had them cut into (4) 4foot lengths for the ends and (4) 6 foot lengths for the sides. and some 1″x4″ for the edges. Oh and yes the large 10×13 plastic liner. I already had a pump , but still need a bigger and better one , I think. I did a lot of research on the how to build one, but mostly just went with an idea, no pattern or blueprints. It worked out well, but if I had it to do again, I would plan better. Hopefully the wood and plastic will last at least 5 years or so..Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed the videos. There are 3 int total – I will post updates even now and then!

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