Earring card holder and arts and crafts display

Learn How to make an earring card holder and arts and crafts display.

Supplies needed: Computer, printer, card stock, cork board, push pins and scissors.

Create your design on your computer( or you could do it by hand with markers and such) print out your design and cut into business card size.

Use one of the push pins and put two holes at midpoint for the earrings then add another hole at the top to push into the cork board!

Super simple and great for any arts and crafts show display, easy to transport and set up. Thanks for watching.

Cork Bulletin Board, 48 x 36, Natural, Oak Frame

Features: Sold Individually as 1 Each, Natural Cork, 36 x 48, Oak finish frame

A stylish, classic design paired with old-school durability. Board features a 1/32”-thick, self-healing all-natural cork surface and a thick fiberboard backing. Attractive oak-finished, 3/4″-wide, mitered-corner frame.
List Price: $27.80 USD
New From: $37.57 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

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